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Introduction to Elotto

Elotto is a mobile app launched by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) that allows users to purchase official lottery tickets online.

Definition of Elotto

Elotto is an electronic channel for playing authorized PCSO lottery games. It serves as an additional outlet for lottery tickets aside from the traditional lotto outlets and provides a convenient way to place bets digitally.

Background on Elotto app

The Elotto app was launched in 2021 to provide Filipinos easier access to PCSO lottery games. It aims to reach more players, especially those who cannot physically go to lotto outlets. The app provides the same lottery games that are available at physical outlets.

PCSO partnered with ITECH to develop the app. ITECH is an IT solutions company experienced in creating gaming platforms. This ensured that Elotto was designed securely and efficiently.

Purpose and benefits of Elotto app

The main purpose of Elotto is to make participating in PCSO lotteries more convenient. Players can purchase tickets anytime, anywhere through their mobile device.

Key benefits include:

  • Accessibility – Players can bet without going to physical outlets
  • Ease of use – Intuitive interface for a smooth experience
  • Security – Uses encryption and security measures to protect user data
  • Official source – Provides officially-licensed PCSO lottery games
  • Digital record – Digital receipt and history of all transactions
  • Time saver – Eliminates travel time to outlets

By providing an official and regulated platform, Elotto also helps channel lottery participation through legal means. This in turn supports PCSO’s charity work.

License and Regulations

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is the government regulatory body that oversees and regulates lottery operations in the Philippines. As the PCSO launched its E-Lotto platform in 2021, Elotto obtained the necessary licenses and complies with all regulations set by the PCSO.

To be approved for licensing, Elotto had to meet strict requirements related to transparency, security, responsible gambling, and more. Specific licensing conditions include:

  • Providing detailed application documentation, including corporate information, ownership structure, key personnel details, and banking relationships.
  • Implementing Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and anti-money laundering controls.
  • Establishing geo-blocking technology to restrict access to Philippine residents only.
  • Integrating responsible gambling features like self-exclusion, deposit limits, and session timers.
  • Partnering with approved payment providers and implementing fraud monitoring.
  • Maintaining robust IT security and encryption standards to protect player data.
  • Agreeing to regular audits and oversight by PCSO.

By satisfying these licensing requirements and renewing its license annually, Elotto operates legally in the regulated Philippine lottery market. The platform adheres to all laws, regulations, and responsible gambling standards set forth by the PCSO. This includes restrictions on marketing, game odds and payouts, reporting of suspicious betting patterns, and more.

Elotto also cooperates fully with any investigations or audits initiated by the PCSO. Its operations are transparent and compliant at all times. This ensures Philippine players can enjoy a safe, regulated, and responsible lottery experience through the Elotto platform.

Elotto App: Downloading the App

The Elotto app can be easily downloaded to start playing official PCSO games on your mobile device. Here’s what you need to know about downloading the Elotto app:

Where to Download the App

The Elotto app is available for download directly from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Simply search for “PCSO Elotto” in your device’s app store to find the official app.

Alternatively, you can visit the PCSO website and find download links for the iOS and Android versions of the app. This ensures you are downloading the legitimate app and avoiding any unofficial copies.

OS Compatibility

The Elotto app is compatible with Android 5.0 and higher and iOS 11 and higher. As long as your device meets these minimum OS requirements, you should be able to download and install the app successfully.

App File Size

The Elotto app is quite lightweight, with the Android APK installer around 20MB and the iOS version approximately 30MB. This makes it easy to download even if you have limited storage space on your device.

Steps to Download

To download the Elotto app, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store if using an iPhone or the Google Play Store if using an Android phone.
  2. Search for “PCSO Elotto”. Make sure it is the official app by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.
  3. Tap “Install” for iOS or “Download” for Android.
  4. Wait for the app to finish downloading, then tap Open to launch it.
  5. If prompted, allow the app to access photos, media, files, location, etc.

That’s it! The app will now be successfully installed and ready to use on your device.

Elotto App Registration Process

Registering for an account on the Elotto app is a quick and easy process. Here are the steps:

Information Required

To register, you will need to provide some basic personal information including:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Home address

This is required to verify your identity and ensure you meet the minimum age requirements for playing the lottery online.

Verification Process

Part of the registration process involves identity verification. This is to prevent fraud and underage gambling.

You will be asked to upload a photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. The details you provided will be cross-checked with this ID.

Your mobile number may also be verified via OTP. This helps confirm you are registering using your own registered mobile number.

Account Security

Account security is taken very seriously. You will be asked to set a strong password with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.

Two-factor authentication via SMS code or email verification is also highly recommended. This provides an extra layer of account protection.

Rest assured all personal data and financial transactions are encrypted and secured in compliance with data protection regulations.

The verification and security measures aim to give players peace of mind that their account and money are in safe hands when playing the lottery online.

Elotto App Login Process

The Elotto app login process is straightforward for returning users. Players simply need to enter their username and password to access their account.

Accessing Account

To log in, open the Elotto app and tap on the “Log In” button on the home screen. This will bring you to the login page. Enter your unique username and password you registered with. Make sure to enter the details correctly. Tap the “Log In” button once done to access your account.

Forgot Password Process

If you forget your password, tap on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. You will need to enter your registered email address or mobile number. This will trigger a reset password link to be sent. Click on the reset password link in the email/SMS and follow the prompts to create a new password. Make sure to choose a strong password you can remember.

Two-Factor Authentication

For added security, Elotto offers two-factor authentication as an optional feature. This requires entering a one-time passcode sent to your mobile or email in addition to your password when logging in. To enable it, go to your account settings after logging in. Toggle on the 2FA switch, then follow the setup instructions. Moving forward, you’ll need to enter both your password and the sent one-time code to access your account.

The login process is quick and easy for Elotto players. Just enter your details correctly and tap to log in. Use the forgot password feature if you ever forget your login details. Enabling two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security.

Elotto App Deposit Process

Depositing funds into your Elotto app account is easy and convenient. The app supports a variety of payment methods to add money to your account.

Supported Payment Methods

The Elotto app allows deposits via credit card, debit card, bank transfer, e-wallet services, and more. Accepted credit and debit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. Bank transfers can be made directly from a bank account. Popular e-wallet services like GCash, GrabPay, and PayMaya are also supported.

Processing Time

Deposits made via credit/debit cards and e-wallet services are processed instantly, allowing you to start playing games right away. Bank transfers may take 1-3 business days to reflect in your account.

Limits and Fees

There is no deposit limit for using credit cards or e-wallet services. Bank transfers have a minimum deposit amount of Php 500. The app does not charge any deposit fees. However, your bank or payment provider may impose additional charges. Be sure to check with them beforehand.

Overall, depositing into your Elotto account is quick, easy, and secure. With various payment options available, you can conveniently add funds and enjoy your favorite lottery games online.

Elotto App Withdrawal Process

Withdrawing your winnings from the Elotto app is simple and secure. Here are the key things to know about the withdrawal process:

Supported Withdrawal Options

The Elotto app supports a variety of withdrawal options for your convenience:

  • Bank transfer – Withdraw directly to your local bank account
  • eWallet – Withdraw to popular eWallets like GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, etc.
  • Over-the-counter – Withdraw in cash at authorized outlets
  • Debit card – Withdraw to Visa or Mastercard debit cards

Processing Time

Withdrawal requests are processed within 1-3 business days. This may take longer for bank transfers.

eWallet withdrawals are often instant. Over-the-counter and debit card withdrawals are also processed faster than bank transfers.

Limits and Fees

There are no fees for withdrawals on the Elotto app.

Withdrawal limits depend on your verification level:

  • Level 1 – Up to ₱10,000 per day
  • Level 2 – Up to ₱50,000 per day
  • Level 3 – Up to ₱100,000 per day

Higher limits can be requested by contacting customer support.

Overall, the Elotto app offers a quick and convenient withdrawal process. With multiple options, fast processing, and no fees, you can easily access your winnings.

Elotto App Pros and Cons

Benefits of the App

The Elotto app provides several benefits for players:

  • Convenience – The app allows you to play lottery games anytime, anywhere right from your mobile device. No need to go to a physical lottery outlet.
  • Easy access – With just a few taps, you can access a wide variety of lottery games on the app. This makes playing the lottery much more accessible.
  • Bonuses and promotions – The app regularly offers special bonuses, discounts, and promotions exclusively for app users. This gives you more value for your money.
  • Secure payments – The app utilizes secure payment gateways to ensure safe deposits and withdrawals. Your financial information is protected.
  • Responsible gambling – The app has responsible gambling features like play time and deposit limits to promote healthy playing habits.
  • Live results – Get instant notifications of lottery results as soon as they are announced. No need to wait to find out if you won.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Internet required – The app requires an active internet connection to play, which may not always be available.
  • Technical issues – Like any app, technical glitches or crashes could prevent accessing the app temporarily.
  • No physical ticket – Some players prefer having a physical ticket as proof of their bet. The app offers digital tickets instead.
  • Distraction – Having easy access to lottery games on your phone can potentially lead to excessive play time.
  • Unauthorized access – Someone getting ahold of your phone could access your app account without permission.

Elotto App Variety of Games

The PCSO E-lotto app offers a wide variety of lottery games to choose from, catering to different player preferences and budgets. Here are some of the major lottery games available on the app:

Ultra Lotto 6/58

  • This game has the biggest guaranteed prize of all PCSO games.
  • To win the jackpot, you must match all 6 numbers from 1-58.
  • The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 40,475,358.
  • The jackpot prize starts at Php 50 million.

Grand Lotto 6/55

  • This popular lotto game has bigger prizes than regular lotto.
  • To win, pick 6 numbers from 1-55.
  • The odds are 1 in 28,989,675.
  • The starting jackpot is Php 30 million.

Super Lotto 6/49

  • For this game, choose 6 numbers from 1-49.
  • Match all digits to hit the jackpot.
  • The odds are 1 in 13,983,816.
  • The minimum jackpot prize is Php 17 million.

Mega Lotto 6/45

  • Pick 6 numbers from 1-45 for a chance to win.
  • Match all to win the jackpot.
  • The odds are 1 in 8,145,060.
  • The starting jackpot is Php 9 million.

Lotto 6/42

  • This original PCSO lotto game requires picking 6 numbers from 1-42.
  • Match all numbers in exact order to win the jackpot.
  • The odds are 1 in 5,245,786.
  • Jackpot starts at Php 6 million.

The app also offers digit games like 6D Lotto, 4D Lotto, 3D Lotto, EZ2, and localized games like STL and Visayas/Mindanao games. Players can choose from this variety based on preferred odds, ticket prices, and prizes.


The PCSO E-Lotto app provides a convenient and easy way for players to access official PCSO lottery games online. With just a few taps, users can purchase tickets, check results, and manage their accounts.

Key features of the E-Lotto app include:

  • Access to all major PCSO games including Ultra Lotto, Grand Lotto, Super Lotto, Mega Lotto, 6/42, 6D, 4D, 3D, 2D, and STL games.
  • Secure registration and login process to protect user accounts.
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal options for easy account funding.
  • Intuitive interface with game filters to quickly find preferred games.
  • Responsible gambling tools like play time and deposit limits.
  • Ability to scan and check physical ticket numbers.
  • Access lottery results and winning number history.
  • Seamless experience across mobile devices.

With official games, prizes, and results, the E-Lotto app provides a safe and regulated online lottery play option for Filipino players. The convenience of playing official PCSO games anywhere at any time makes it an attractive choice over only buying tickets in person. For enthusiasts who regularly play the lottery, the app offers an enhanced experience and features not possible with physical tickets alone.

Overall, the E-Lotto app delivers great value by letting users safely participate in official lottery games online. With a full suite of games and account management options, it’s an excellent choice for playing the Philippine lottery from your mobile device.

Frequently Ask Question

How to register?

Create a PCSO E-Lotto account by registering your mobile number, email address and personal details.
After your account has been created, log in to your PCSO E-Lotto account and you will be directed to the home page where you can play responsibly and enjoy the variety of games that we offer.

Is it legal for me to bet?

To play games on our site, players must be at least 18 years old.

Is it safe to play in your site?

This is the first and only official PCSO online lottery in the Philippines.
Rest assured that our site is legal and all your details are safe with us.

I’m out of the country, can I still play?

Yes, PCSO E-Lotto app and website can access using PH Sim

How can I download the app?

PCSO E-Lotto app is available at https://www.pcso.gov.ph/ just scan the QR code to download.

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